Understanding your self-worth

In today’s world, with the increase of social media, a woman is constantly being subjected to society’s expectation on beauty, relationships and even jobs. Added to that, the crucial blow of going through a difficult divorce can destroy a woman’s self-worth. Coming out of a divorce can leave you feeling at your lowest and can crush your total outlook on life.  I know as I am talking from experience. With all the traumatic experiences, it is even harder in understanding your self-worth and value.

 Although it can be hard, understanding your self-worth is key to living a fruitful and successful life after divorce.  When you understand your worth as a woman you no longer must depend on others for your value but look for it deep within yourself. 

According to Miriam Webster self-worth is defined as

“a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.”

When you understand your self-worth you set the bar and make the rules that tell others how to treat you and exactly what you expect from them. By understanding your self-worth, you will experience confidence and positive self- esteem which leads to successful living.

When you understand your self-worth you set the bar and make the rules that tell others how to treat you and exactly what you expect from them. Click To Tweet

 Do you understand your self-worth? Here are seven signs that will manifest in your life when you understand your self-worth. 

Understanding your self-worth

 1. You no longer need to compare yourself to others.

 Too often we tend to see ourselves in the mirror of others but what we fail to understand is that each person must walk their own path, a different path to get to where they are today. Recognize and accept you for who you are.  

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You are too slim… so what?

 You are fat..so what?

 You did not get the job… so what? 

 You got a divorce… so what?

 Life does not end here. Believe that you are good enough if you must look to others to validate you, you are then likely to make decisions that will stop you from seeing your own strengths and reaching your full potential. So instead, concentrate on what is meaningful to you and make your own standards. They matter more to you than to anyone else.

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 2. You make sound decisions.

 When you understand your self- worth, you can think for yourself and make sound decisions instead of relying on what others think. This is so crucial as most often the decisions that you make will affect you the most. When you make sound decisions, it will leave you with a peace of mind and confidence knowing that they were made guided by a sound thought process.

Believe in yourself

 3. You do what makes you feel good.

 When you understand your self- worth you will begin to do the things that makes you feel good. Being in an unhealthy relationship can have you doing things to please everyone around you except you. Understanding your self-worth will get you out of your comfort zone and trying new things. It could be a hobby such as cooking, dancing or traveling, just do what makes you happy. You become who you want to become and who you are meant to become when you understand your self-worth.   You are no longer controlled by others; thus, you can find it meaningful to explore deeper within yourself to see who you really are. Opportunities will begin to present themselves as you open yourself to personal growth and development.  Meditation on the word of God is key for you to understand the true purpose as to why you were placed on this Earth.

Women taking the time to relax
Do what makes you feel good

 5 You embrace your mistakes and learn from them.

 We are often overly critical of ourselves and find it hard to forgive us when we make a mistake. when you understand your worth, you accept your shortcomings and focus more on your strengths. Learn the lesson that is in each mistake that you make and device ways to turn your short comings into strengths.  In fact, that is that is what forgiveness means- learning the lessons without holding on to the pain.  You cannot change the past, but you can change how you react to situations that you face today.

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 6.  Increased confidence and positive self-esteem

 When you understand your self-worth, you will have increased confidence and positive self-esteem.  This is because you no longer compare yourself to others and you now believe in yourself and your abilities.  You can accomplish any tasks and goals that you have set for yourself to achieve.  Additionally, you now see yourself as a peer to your colleagues and friends and know you can get the job done as well as anyone else.

Increase self confidence

 7.  You no longer sabotage new relationships.

 When you have been hurt by previous relationships you tend to erect a fence around you to prevent others from hurting you.  While this may seem like the right thing to do, it could sabotage your hope of finding someone special to love. When you understand your self-worth, you will give yourself time to heal from the past relationships. Do not rush into a new relationship until you have you learned from your mistakes. Now you can set the standards for how you want to be treated in future relationships. Understanding your self-worth will give you a better quality of life that you can enjoy every moment of.

Understanding your self-worth. will give you a better quality of life that you can enjoy every moment of Click To Tweet

If you have not seen these signs manifesting in your life as yet, then it is time to work on understanding your self esteem.

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