5 foods to throw out to reverse your diabetes

 If you are like me and have reversed your diabetes then you must know that it is a lifestyle change and that they are some foods for that must be eliminated from your diet. You may be thinking that this is hard to do or you don’t know where to start, that’s why I am sharing with you 5 foods that you must ditch to reverse diabetes. Additionally, the foods that can add to your pantry to replace the ones you threw out and keep your diabetes in a reversed state.

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5 Foods You Must Ditch to Reverse Diabetes

5 foods to throw out to reverse your diabetes
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1. Flour

Throw out white and wheat flour from your pantry.  I know, sigh, believe me, it was hard because I loved bread and dumplings but the thought of living on diabetic medications for the rest of my life was enough to rid my taste for bread quickly.  Replace regular flour with almond flour and coconut flour. These can be used to make your bread, pizza dough, pancakes and even bread crumbs. There are many recipes available online which shows you how you can use these flours like Wholesomeyum.com.

 2. Vegetable Oil

 Throw out vegetable oil replace it with Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil and Olive Oil. These oils are rich in healthy fats, reduces cholesterol and improve heart health they can be used for frying cooking baking and even on salads.

 3. Sugar

 Throw out sugar and replace it with plant-based Stevia and Monk Fruit sweeteners. These can be used for sweetening your teas and juices as well as for baking.

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 4. Sodas

 Throw out all the sodas and replaced them with sodas sweetened with stevias like Zevia and Bai Bubbles.  There many flavours for you to choose from and if you like Coke there’s a cola flavour as well.

5 Pasta and Rice

 Throw out all the pasta and rice from your pantry and replace them with vegetables like zucchini and eggplant. Use a spiralizer with zucchini and voila!  You have zoodles that can be used in the same way you use pasta.  Eggplants can be used for anything from bread to the base for your lasagna.  Quinoa can we use in place of rice and it is very nutrient-dense and contains fewer carbohydrates which are great for reversing diabetes.

 By throwing out these foods and replacing them with healthier alternatives, I was able to reverse diabetes and keep them in a reversed state. I hope that the information I shared with you will do the same for you as well

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