43 Lessons learned in 43 Years

43  life Lessons Learned in 43 years

Oh, how the years are flying by. I celebrated my 43rd birthday 2 weeks ago and as I sat reflecting, I realized that so much has happened in my life throughout my forty-three years. There are many life lessons I have learned from my experiences and to commemorate my birthday, I thought I would share with you 43 life lessons I have learned in 43 years.

43 Life Lessons Learned

1. Life is not a smooth road there will always bumps and curves in your way.

 2 Choose which battles to fight and which ones to leave alone. Some things don’t deserve your attention.

3 Keep your circle of influence small.

 4 Some friends will be in your life just for a season. Seasons change and so do friends.

 5 Never be afraid of failure as it is the key to success.

6. Listen to your gut feeling when making decisions. It is right 99% of the time.

7 Be kind.

Divorce is not the end of life. There is life after divorce Click To Tweet

8  Divorce is not the end of life. There is life after divorce.

 9 Not everyone will celebrate your successes. Don’t let it stop you from succeeding anyway.

10 Stay one step ahead of your business competitors. Always think of ways to make your business better.

11 Always be open to trying new things.

12 It’s not too late to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

13 Not everyone is going to like you or be your friend.

14 Confide in only a few persons that you trust.

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15 Set goals for yourself and write these goals down

18 When you fall, never stay down.

17 It is okay to have emotions.

18 Include time for yourself  in your schedule

19 Love yourself

 20 Keep your family close and build relationships

 21 Single parenting is very hard.

22 Budgeting will help to keep your finances in check.

 23 Nothing is wrong with buying cheap clothing.

 24 You don’t need the latest cell phones and electronic devices to survive.

25 Be your biggest cheerleader.

 26  A relationship with God is very important.

27 You are responsible for your own happiness.

28 Don’t be afraid to be yourself as there will never be anyone else like you.

 29 Don’t be quick to judge others as you don’t  know their entire story

30  Use your time wisely, once it’s gone you cannot get it back.

31 Never be afraid to share your knowledge with those around you.

 32  Develop an attitude of gratitude, be thankful for everything big or small.

33  Surround yourself with like-minded people.

34 Let go of the past.

35 Never give up.

36 Everything in life is a choice so make wise choices

 37 Never stop yourself from learning new things.

38 Start living your best life now don’t wait until tomorrow.

 39  Never set your goals so high that you cannot achieve them.

43 Lessons learned in 43 Years
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40 Celebrate the successes of others

41 It’s not what you are called its what you answer too,  the opinions of others only matter if you let it.

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 42  Speak positively in every situation.

 43 Value your reputation, it’s the most valuable thing you have.

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