11 things you should do immediately after Divorce

The divorce is final and you may be breathing a sigh of relief. However, before letting your guard down there are a few things that you need to do immediately after your divorce is final. If you ignore these small things you may have bigger issues later down in your life. Here are 11 things that you should do immediately after divorce.

Separating through Divorce

1. Cancel all joint credit cards 

Call your credit card company to cancel all joint credit cards that you and your ex shared. You can reapply to get a credit card in your name only. Failure to do so will leave you exposed to paying for charges that were incurred by your ex.

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2.Cancel all joint savings accounts 

Visit your bank immediately to cancel all joint savings accounts. Re-open a savings account in your name only as this will protect the funds you currently have and to ensure that your ex has no further access to your monies. We have all heard about the ex’s who completely wipe out joint accounts before the unsuspecting ex-spouse even begins to suspect anything.

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3.Alter your will

Now is the best time to revisit your will. Use this opportunity to remove your ex from your will. If you do not do that then your ex will be able to benefit should anything happen to you before you change it.

4.Revert back to your maiden name

 Decide if you are going to revert back to your maiden name. If you’re going to do so, make sure you change it on all of your important documents such as passports, social security cards, driver’s licenses, and utility bills.

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5.Remove your name from any debts associated with your ex.

 Any joint debt that you may have shared with your ex, have your name removed from those debts. This is to ensure that if your ex default in payments you will not be held liable for these defaulted payments.

Broken from Divorce

 6. Change your beneficiaries 

If you have an existing life insurance plan be sure to call your insurance company to update your beneficiaries. Failure to do so will ensure your ex retrieves those benefits should anything happen to you.

7. Health insurance plans 

Remove your ex from your health insurance plan. The last thing you want to do is to be paying for your ex to maintain his health.

8.Notify creditors of a new name 

Immediately after the divorce, notify your creditors of your name change or even your change of address if you had to move. This is to ensure that they can maintain the relevant contact they need with you.

9. Change the name on the Title Deeds

 If you and your ex’s names are both on the title deed and other property documents, make the necessary preparation to have your ex’s name removed depending on the divorce settlement. This will ensure that you’re ex does not benefit should anything untoward happen to you and your children are protected.

10. Change all online passwords,

Immediately change all of your online passwords even if you do not think your ex had that previous information. This is to prevent your ex from getting other personal information that is private to you. Change passwords to your PayPal, Facebook and email accounts as well as any other personal accounts you may have.  

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11. Remove anything that belongs to your ex 

Now is a good time to remove everything from your ex from around you. This includes clothing gifts and even photos.  In the event your ex doesn’t want them then you can discard them or you can even have a bonfire. This will help you to realize that your divorce is now a reality and that you know have a brand new life ahead of you.

11 things you should do immediately after Divorce

I hope these tips will help you to know the things you have to do immediately after your divorce.

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What are some of the things you had to do immediately after your divorce?

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