10 ways to maintain and create a positive attitude

 Having a positive attitude is necessary in order for you to live your best life now and be happy.

There are many events that can occur in your life to cause you to have a negative mindset and a negative attitude.  You may be going through a divorce or a breakup and that is no easy feat. These events are life-changing and usually leave you feeling broken and filled with negativity. You may have just lost your job and wondering how you are going to keep up with the mortgage payments. Additionally, you may be thinking about the school supplies you need to buy for the children but the finances are just not there. You are thinking it is just too hard to be in a positive mood.

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 I know, I have been there and through it all, I realized that my situation started to change for the better only when I learned to develop a positive attitude. You do not have to spend a lifetime wallowing in this negativity but you can develop a positive attitude. You may be wondering how you are able to do this and so  today I will share with you 10 ways you can create and maintain a positive attitude

Fill yourself with gratitude

Sometimes we get so caught up with life around us that we forget to show gratitude. We need to stop and think about the things that we are grateful for and not only to think about them but also to give thanks for them. Think about the children, think about your family, the friends that you have.  take a notebook and at least write five things that you’re grateful for. Focus on these things for a few moments. when you take a moment to focus on the things that you’re grateful for you would see how easy you develop a more positive attitude just because you are grateful for them.

Stop complaining

The next thing that you have to do to develop and create and maintain a  positive attitude is to stop complaining and sometimes it may be difficult when life is hard to find all the things that are not going well to complain about them. But honestly answer this question Has complaining ever changed your circumstances for the better?  I am sure the answer is a resounding no as complaining never did anything good for me. Complaining only makes you feel worse about your situation and yourself. My mom is always saying if you can’t say anything good then don’t say anything at all.  Instead of complaining, focus on the ways in which you can turn the situation around.Additionally, thinking about the good things instead of complaining will make you a happier person.

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Change your way of thinking

To change your way of thinking you need to create a more positive mindset think on the more positive things instead of thinking on things that are negative. Stop thinking that your situation is not going to change and that you will never achieve anything instead see yourself as achieving whatever it is you want to achieve in life. Your mind must become aligned with the change you want. Change your mindset to one that is more positive

On way you can change the way you think is to read positive mental attitude books. These are books that will give you information on how to maintain a positive attitude. Moreover, you can  also listen to positive music and  even read positive stories that teach you how to create and maintain a positive attitude

Creating and using a daily routine

Creating and using a daily routine especially a morning routine will help you to become more productive throughout the day. When you plan your day, you are taking into account your time and know exactly how and what you are going to do. Hence you would have less time to think negatively and have more time to develop your positive attitude. when you know what is it that you have on your schedule and you set out to accomplish it, you become more successful. using your routine will set you right on target to have that positive attitude and maintain it  throughout the rest of the day

Develop a positive attitude

Speak positive affirmations

You also need to start speaking positive words of affirmations to yourself.forget about that inner critic that is always reminding you of the negatives and focus on positive. Speak positive words to yourself. go in front of the mirror and speak positive things to yourself using positive affirmations. Speak affirmations such as  

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“Today, I  will develop a positive attitude”

“I will maintain a positive attitude today and I refuse to let any negativity take control of me”

 I choose to focus on all positive things no matter the situation I am facing” 

Constantly filling yourself with positive words of affirmations will help you to create and maintain a positive attitude.

Surround yourself with positive people

One way to create and maintain a positive attitude is to surround yourself with persons who are positive and have a positive attitude. Birds of a feather do flock together. So when you surround yourself with positive persons you will definitely become more positive. If perhaps you have been surrounding yourself with negative persons who are always quick to point out to you the negatives in your life, now is the time to eliminate them. If needs go out and find yourself some new friends, ones that will help you see the positive side of life.

Have a purpose for your life

Have a purpose for your life. set goals to achieve what you want and when you want to achieve them.  Be able to visualize where you see yourself in the future. when you have a purpose for your life you’re able to be more positive because you know what you want to achieve you can see you where you want yourself to be in 5 years down the road or even ten years down the road. you know exactly where you want to be so you set your goals and you work towards achieving those cause once you have accomplished them you would feel more positive.

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Show appreciation for others

Showing appreciation for others is another way in which you can create and maintain a positive attitude. when you do something good for someone else it also, in turn, makes you feel good about yourself. It could be something as simple as making a donation, giving back your time or sharing a blog post as I am doing now. Just knowing that you are making a difference in life others will make you have a positive attitude.

Smile more

A smile is the greatest thing that a woman can wear on her face so smile some more .when you smile you set off that positive vibes around you that make other persons want to be around you smile more to develop that positive attitude. Smiling is very beneficial for your health and also help to slow down the aging process. Smile some more

Make yourself happy

 too often we are dependent on others around us to make us happy but we need to make our own selves happy.  in order to be happy, you have to love yourself . when you love yourself and have that self-love you don’t depend on others to make you happy. You have that feeling deep within and therefore can go about doing the things to make you happy. If you don’t know know how to make yourself happy read Beth Elkassih of Madeyousmileback.com article How to Get Happy Again: 7 Habits of Joyful & Happy People.  In this article, Beth outlines what it means to be happy and 7 habits of happy people. Additionally, you can take her quiz to see how happy you really are right now.

10 ways to maintain and create a positive attitude
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I hope these tips will help you to create and main a positive attitude. Remember you are no ordinary person. You are born to win and reign in life. You are destined for greatness.

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What do you do to create and maintain a positive attitude?

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25 thoughts on “10 Ways to Create and Maintain a Positive Attitude

  1. Being positive is so essential to living a happy life! It’s not only good for ourselves, but for others. 🙂 Love all of your points in this post, especially gratitude. The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to always be thankful.

      1. I typically have a fairly positive outlook on life, and just assumed that I came by it naturally. However, after reading your post, I am noticing that I do many of these on a fairly consistent basis. Maybe if I hang out with the negative people, I can convert them instead! Lol

        1. Ahhh Diane, that’s another way of looking at it but I think that it needs more positive to convert a negative. It will be harder the other around. Thanks for reading

  2. Such great ideas as always! I agree that having a good routine for the morning is so crucial to keeping things running smoothly and that in turn helps me to stay more positive as the day goes on. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

  3. YES to all of these! Surrounding yourself with positive people is probably one of my favorites on this list. It’s so hard, especially at work, to remain positive despite long hours, and then have negative people around you all the time.

    1. I can understand your feelings about negativity at the workplace as I have had situations where I was feeling negative . My Affirmations to remain positive is what got me to remain positive.

    2. It has taken me some time to realize that what I put out is what is returned, so I try to be positive. It’s just so easy to default to the negativity, but that is when it comes in handy to surround yourself with positive people because they help to reign you back in.

      1. That’s so true, it’s so easy to be negative and you really have to work hard to become positive. However it is easier when you are around positive people. Thanks for reading.

  4. These are wonderful tips, Anthea! While reading through your list made me realize, I actually incorporate most of them in my life to be more positive and happier, as well. And I can vouch that they mostly do! Thank you for sharing these 🙂

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