8 habits to include in your morning routine before work
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 Have you ever felt as if you didn’t have a grip on your day? As if you haven’t accomplished anything throughout the day and that you have a lot of tasks unfinished?  Feeling moody and logy? I felt that way too. There were many mornings I didn’t even want to get out of bed until I learned about morning routines.  The key to having a successful day is to start your morning right.

 Today I will share with you 8 Successful  Habits to include when creating your morning routine before work.  Developing a morning routine before work will set the tone for the day and help you to maximize your potential throughout the day.  As the name suggests a morning routine occurs in the morning and can range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the task you have scheduled as part of your routine.

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8 Successful Habits to Include when creating your morning routine before work

Successful Habits to include in your morning routine before work

I am sure you have heard about routines before but the key thing to remember is that you have to have a why in doing. I say that to mean, you must have something you want to accomplish, an end goal when starting a morning routine

1. Wake up early

 It is often quoted that the early birds catch the worm. In this case, it means that you will have an advantage in starting your day when you rise early.  Waking up early will help you to become more productive throughout the day because you have time to plan your day before you leave the house.   Additionally, rising early also eliminates the need for you to rush which reduces your stress level, improves your focus and sharpens your short term memory.  Set your alarm to wake you up at least 2 hours before you are scheduled to leave the house. Thus your wake up time will depend on what time you have to leave the house for work. This will give you enough time to finish your morning routine before other persons in your household awake.  

2. Pray/Mediate

No matter what your religion is, it is always a good thing to take a moment and offer gratitude for a new day. Prayer and meditation help to soothe the soul and calms the spirit.  For example, I usually begin by giving God thanks for a brand new day, my blessings as well as for being clothed in my right faculties. I would then find a passage of scripture to meditate on. Additionally, I would read a daily devotional and I find Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot very useful for this as I am able to listen as my devotional as well as scripture verses are read aloud by Alexa. Find something from your religion that you can in cooperate for at least 15 minutes each morning.

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3. Repeat Positive Morning Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations will help to set the atmosphere for what you want your day to become as well as how you want your attitude to be throughout the day.  Repeating positive affirmations as part of your morning routine before work will help you to become a more optimistic person. This is because the positive affirmations will block out any negativity that will arise from your inner critic. Moreover, being optimistic will make your heart healthier. When you are positive and optimistic, your stress levels are reduced. Less stress means no elevated blood pressure. You see things from a different perspective and learn to avoid negative persons as you go through your day. You will become more productive and have a better life just by repeating positive words of affirmation. This is because your self-confidence, as well as self-esteem, will increase.

My favorite morning affirmations include

Something good is going to happen to me today and something good is going to happen through me.

I am a magnet for opportunity and I attract success.

I deserve the best and I accept it now.

I am no ordinary person, I am born to reign in life and win. I am destined for greatness.

Make a list of at 20 positive affirmations that you can repeat. Post them where you will able to see them every morning. Again I find Amazon’s Echo Dot with Alexa to be very useful in this regards. She has a huge list of affirmations that you can listen to and choose the ones that you want to use in your morning routine before work.

 Repeating positive affirmations as part of your morning routine before work will help you to become a more optimistic person. Click To Tweet

4. Make your bed

You may wonder what making your bed has to do with a successful morning routine before work. Well, taking the time to make your bed gives you a feeling of accomplishment as it is the first task you will complete for the day. In addition, it helps you to become organize and reduces your stress level. When you make your bed, you are de-cluttering and creating a tidy space. A tidy space is calming and thus reduces stress.

make your bed

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5. Drink a glass of warm lemon water

Our bodies are made up mainly of water and so water is very important. There are many benefits to be derived from including a drink of water in your morning routine before work. These include but are not limited to:

  • Immediately rehydrates your body after sleeping for 6- 8 hours
  • Increases your level of alertness
  • Helps to fuel your brain
  • Get rid of toxins in your body and stimulates your body to eliminate wastes.

Adding lemon juice to your water has been shown to have additional benefits such as clearing your skin, boosting your immune system and aiding in weight loss.

Go ahead, make it a habit to include drinking water in your morning routine before work.

6. Engage in Physical Activity

It is very important to get the body moving in the morning. Exercise stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain which can help to improve your mood and help to start your day off on a positive note. Additionally, exercise can increase your mental capacity which will increase your brain power setting you up to have a more productive day.

Whether you choose to go walking, go to the gym, ride your bicycle, walking on the treadmill or work out with your favourite trainer from a video, the important thing is to get your body moving. For me, I tend to engage in outdoor walking as I find in addition to the benefits listed, I am also able to inhale the fresh air as well as taking in the natural scenery around me. Choose your mode of activity and include it in your morning routine before work.

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7. Review your to-do list and prioritize

Ideally, you should have created your to-do list the previous night but if you have not done it, you can do so in your morning routine before work. Having a to-do list enables you to use your time and energy wisely by completing only the tasks that are important to you. It eliminates time-wasting, thereby allowing you to be more productive. It also provides a form of structure making you more organized. Checking off your to-do list in your daily planner as each task is completed gives you a sense of accomplishment as each task is done.  Be sure to arrange your list by priority. That is, begin with the more important tasks, that way you can allocate more time in completing those tasks.

8. Eat a healthy Breakfast

Since you are not rushing, you are now able to sit down and eat a healthy nutritious breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast as part of your morning routine before work will help you to be more productive. Moreover, the breakfast will provide the energy needed to fuel your brain. Additionally, eating breakfast will keep you full for longer, eliminating the need for you to consume high and empty calories which will harm your body.  These muffins are an example of an item that can be added to a healthy breakfast

Furthermore, while sitting down to eat your breakfast you can read a few pages of a positive mental attitude book or any other self-development book.

8 habits to include in your morning routine before work

I hope that you are able to make sense of these tips and use them to help create a very successful morning routine before work. You can add or subtract based on your required needs. Make it count.

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26 thoughts on “Successful Morning Routine Before Work

  1. This was such a good reminder for me to start my days off right again. I’ve tried these and fallen off track so many times. Need to start again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your list is perfect. Great balance of practical, but inspirational. I’m setting a goal to do my affirmations consistently.

  3. I love this list 💜 I’m a firm believer in how we begin our day will pretty much dictate how the rest of the day goes. It’s really difficult to shift from a bad mood to a good day if you start the day by going south, so I think these pointers are something we should all work on and try to implement into a daily routine. Thanks for sharing 💜

    1. So true Ida , how we start our day will determine how successful the rest of the day will be. Thanks for reading.

    1. I do agree Emily, your day is always much when you wake up early and spend time implementing your routine. Thanks for reading

    1. Whitney, I hope you are able to get in a routine so that you can be up before your children so. Thanks for reading.

  4. I started doing almost all of these things over the summer. It so helped me continue to be productive, especially getting up early before the kids get stirring. There are a few that I still need to work on, though. Now I am inspired. T hank you.

    1. Thanks Jenny, I am glad you are inspired. That’s the aim of thos website 😊 . Hope you get in the others in your morning routine.

  5. Great morning routine tips! I also incorporate visualization into my morning routine–when I can see myself getting things done in my head beforehand, it makes it a lot easier to actually do it once it’s time to work.

  6. I love these tips! Since the summer started my routine has been all over the place. But school will be back in session soon. I have tried to stick to making me bed in the morning. It really does make me feel more organized and productive.

    1. Great, I’m sure you will be back to your routine in no time . Lol in addition to feeling organized a f productive, making your bed will help you to be more relax when you come home and can lie down comfortable

  7. I love these!! Thank you! I will definitely be throwing in some lemon water in my mornings and I am still working on the waking up early and making my bed, but I’ll get there. lol

    1. Adriana, I am happy that you do like these tips and I am sure with much practice you will eventually develop the habits of those that you listed. You can do it !

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